3 Common DIY Auto Repair Mistakes to Avoid

Today’s cars are not as easy to work on as the cars from the past. However, even with high-tech, computerized systems, you can do some of the work yourself if you take your time and have some auto repair knowledge and experience. In fact, avoiding common mistakes can help you do a better job and limit damage to your vehicle. Here are some of the most frequent mistakes people make.

I Can Do This Job in 20 Minutes

Changing your oil or replacing a belt may seem simple, but it’s easy to run into trouble. If you want things to go smoothly, schedule your automotive work when you have plenty of time. Here is an example of how a 20-minute auto repair job can take over an hour:

To replace the bottom radiator hose, you have to drain the radiator, and you need something to drain the coolant into. Next, you realize there’s not enough room for a standard tool to loosen the hose clamp, so you struggle with it for 30 minutes. After you loosen the clamps, you cut your hand on the radiator and have to administer first-aid to yourself. This gives you a good idea of things that can happen.

Preventative Maintenance – I’ll Do It Later

Suppose you notice a hard and brittle heater hose when you check the engine oil. You know you should replace it but you decide to wait, and you forget about it. Two months later, you hear a hissing sound as you drive down the road and your engine stops, leaving you stranded. Procrastination can cost you money and headaches.

Getting in Over Your Head

If you attempt a job and have no idea what to do, it’s best to leave it alone. Contact your local auto repair service for help. They have trained technicians and guarantee their work.

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