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Customized Land Rover Service Based On Driving Habits

Land Rovers offer the high-end features of a luxury vehicle but are fully equipped to tackle off-road driving on challenging terrains. This versatility makes them attractive to a variety of buyers with different driving habits. Whether an owner’s routine schedule involves commuting through downtown to work or trekking up a muddy hillside in the country, preventative maintenance is an important aspect of keeping this exceptional SUV in top shape. An experienced auto repair service team can recommend an individualized Land Rover Service schedule based on the owner’s typical driving habits. Regular Oil Changes Extend Vehicle Life While all Land Rovers have a recommended oil change schedule, this number assumes the vehicle is operating under normal driving conditions. For vehicles that experience extreme temperatures, frequent idling or driving long distances at high speeds, oil changes may be needed at shorter intervals. Using a synthetic engine oil may help in extending the time frame between oil changes. Proper Wheel Alignment Equals Less Wear A wheel alignment does much more than just line up the tires. A Land Rover that is properly aligned can help save on fuel, reduce tire wear, improve handling and provide an overall safer driving experience. While all cars require this type of preventative maintenance, Land Rovers that regularly drive on dirt roads or those that aren’t well maintained will require more frequent wheel alignments. Driving through pot holes or bumping into a curb can also have a negative impact on wheel alignment. Clean Air Filters Improve SUV Performance Replacing the air filter on a Land Rover results in better, more efficient performance. A quick air filter change can help reduce emissions, extend engine life and increase fuel efficiency. While the vehicle manual will recommended an average mileage interval for change, this can vary greatly based on driving conditions. Frequent stops, city driving and regular traveling on dusty or dirt roads may indicate the need for shorter intervals between AC Land Rover Service appointments. Choose an Experienced Service Dealer MBV European Ltd has provided the Charlotte region with quality vehicle repairs and service for over 130 years. Their skilled auto techs are factory trained which results in fast, efficient repairs and lower labor costs. In addition to repairs, they also offer pre-purchase inspections for those interested in buying a used Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes Benz or Volvo. To learn more about the services offered, visit Url for further details. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information. Be the first to like. Like...
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