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Under Cabinet Lighting Installation Advice

In most areas of the home, lighting is either used to create visibility or to add ambiance to a room. In the case of under cabinet lighting, the use is twofold, creating a wonderful soft light for easy movement in the area while also providing a spotlight where it is most needed. Most under cabinet lights are installed in the kitchen. This is not the only room in the home where these lights really make an impression. They are an ideal light in a bathroom or a home office, library or even in a home bar area. Choosing the Lighting The first step in determining the best option for under cabinet lighting is to choose the lights. These lights are low profile lights that sit flush with the underside of the cabinet and can range from larger lights to create more of a spotlight effect on the surface beneath or a gentler and diffuse light. Choosing the light is often a factor of the room in which the lighting is used. For example, in the kitchen, home office or for a bar area the brighter, more direct lighting is a great option. For a bathroom, a more gentle diffuse light contributes to a home spa look that gives a classic ambiance. Planning the Light Locations Take some time to consider where each individual bulb and fixture should be with under cabinet lighting. For example, a food prep area in the kitchen is a great place to position a light. It will also be essential to consider appliances or other items on the counter and their proximity to lights. Always double check where the lights should be installed before cutting holes or running wires. The easiest time to complete these installs is during room renovations, but it is not impossible to add under cabinet lights at any time, making it a simple way to give a room a new look. Be the first to like. Like...
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