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Should You Choose a Roller or Plate Compactor?

If you are in the construction business, you probably have large and heavy equipment. When digging building foundations, you need to make sure the soil gets compacted enough to prevent needless foundation settling or cracking. Compactors are some of the best equipment you can use for preparing the soil, and you can choose a roller type or plate compactor. Each one offers specific benefits and here is information to help you decide which one you should buy. Rollers If you have ever watched an old-fashioned steamroller in action, you know how they work. When you take a heavy metal roller and attach it to a large machine, every time the roller moves, it presses the soil underneath. This is the basic principle of roller compacting equipment. You can choose from several types of rollers. Some rollers are smooth while others have protruding teeth (sheep’s foot). A sheep’s foot roller works well on clay type soils but not sandy ground. Some rollers have grid patterns for compacting coarse soil, and others have rolls with vibrating roller shafts. They work well for asphalt projects. Plate A plate compactor does not use rollers. Instead, it uses a large metal plate which works on hydraulics and vibrates the ground to compact it. The vibrations make the soil underneath compact, removing air pockets. Small compactors are hand-held and often used to prepare the soil before landscaping or laying stone tiles. Larger compactors are usually attached to excavation equipment. Plate compactor equipment takes very little space to operate. You can use it in small or confined areas where a roller is not possible. This is an important advantage for working in areas near houses or other structures. Before you buy compacting attachments for your machine, consult with a company specializing in excavation equipment attachments and custom attachments. 2 people like this post. Like...
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