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What to Look for In a Dog Rawhide Alternative

Today, dog owners are looking for healthy products. They want their favorite companion animal to live a long and healthy life. While some still feed their dog chews made from rawhide, others are looking to find a dog rawhide alternative. With the pet food, treat and accessories’ market expanding, the task is so much easier these days. However, it is important to choose the best product for your dog. Considerations When looking for a rawhide substitute for your dog, be sure you understand what your dog both needs and likes. Rawhide treats remain popular for four reasons: 1. They are highly chewable – offering the right amount of resistance 2. They taste great 3. They come in a range of sizes 4. They suit different budgets However, all these can come at a cost. The low price you pay for some imported dollar store rawhide chews is offset by the potential for expensive vet bills. It is important to consider all these factors when looking at any dog rawhide alternative. You need to consider: * Cost – How much can you honestly afford for dog chews. Look for healthy and affordable items * Chewability – Ask about the chewability of the products. Find out if they come in various grades to address the different demands of diverse breeds and types of canines * Taste – Do they taste good (according to doggy standards)? If they do not, what is the point of buying them? * Size/Weight – Do they come in a variety of sizes? Do they have one that addresses the size and weight of your dog? Some alternatives do not have products for very tiny and lightweight dogs (usually under 5-10 pounds) Dog Rawhide Alternative With the benefits of rawhide treats in doubt, many professionals are talking to their clients about rawhide alternatives. With the pet market booming, consumers are lucky. They can shop knowing they can find the right dog rawhide alternative at an affordable price for their beloved canine. 3 people like this post. Like...
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