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All You Need To Know About Oilfield Services Companies in Calgary

The term oilfield services company actually covers a broad range of providers. These organizations are primarily focused on providing products and services to assist in oil and gas exploration. You’ll find that most companies deal with the manufacturing, repair or transport of equipment. However, there is still a lot more to it. Read on to find out more about the oilfield services field in Edmonton. Some Areas Covered by Oilfield Services As mentioned, the services any one company can provide can vary a lot. Some firms are focused on providing technological support for oilfield companies. Considering this, they are likely to provide energy data management services or source location assistance. They may also provide consulting regarding geological science or state-of-the-art drilling methods. In recent years, the technological aspect of an oilfield service company in Calgary is becoming a large part of what these companies offer. How These Companies Were Born To the outsider, it might seem like a lot of the services provided by these companies could be handled in-house by drilling companies. In fact, this was the case just a few decades ago. However, huge mergers in the industry made handling these services very inefficient. Companies needed a more streamlined process to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Thus, a specialized type of service provider evolved in to today’s oilfield service company in Calgary. At this point in time, these companies are able to support larger oil entities throughout the life cycle of the oil extraction process. The Benefits of Working With an Oilfield Services Company There are many advantages offered by the typical oilfield service company in Calgary. First of all, these organizations are able to leverage the economies of scale to provide access to the latest technological developments in the oil industry. Oilfield services firms are also able to make efficient use of assets to ensure that profits are maximized. Additionally, these companies assist in the maintenance of accountability for oilfield operations. Oilfield Services Companies Play an Important Role It goes without saying that the oil industry as we know it wouldn’t function without these support systems. Hence, oilfield services companies actually play a central role in providing fuel sources for the nation. For more information, contact Platinum Pipefitting Inc. at Be the first to...
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3 Things that are Checked During Oil Pipeline Maintenance

If you work in the energy industry, your job is more high-stakes than others. Anything that could hinder the environment, as you know, has a lot of mandates and government oversight. The level of third-party involvement can be extreme, but the logic is that it protects the public as well as the environment. Oil Pipeline Maintenance Company Calgary professionals are available to help you stay compliant. Here are three things that are checked during oil pipeline maintenance. Debris Removal Pipelines are situated in geographic areas that experience all types of weather conditions. If your pipeline is situated in an area where it snows, the snow should be removed during maintenance. While snow and debris is being removed, it is a good time to check the surface underneath the pipe, too. Professionals are trained to spread the gravel and look around for any other exterior issues. Piping Modifications During maintenance, your team, or the team of professionals you hire, should take a look at the pipes and valves. Sometimes, piping needs to be modified. Other times, the valves need to be changed out. Whatever the situation calls for, after an assessment, you can rest assured that the proper action will be taken so that no problems occur, thereafter. Maintenance focuses on prevention. The goal is always to tend to a potential issue before it becomes a problem. Corrosion Oil pipelines are at risk for corrosion. This is why they are covered in a sealant. A sealant prevents oxygen and water from reaching the pipe. Once oxygen and water combine and sit on the pipe, the corrosion begins. Eventually, it leads to the need for a pipe replacement, which can be expensive and time consuming. An Oil Pipeline Maintenance Company Calgary is available to provide their services. Call for a consultation, today. Be the first to...
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The Importance of Duct Cleaning Services in Wilton, CT

Ducts are a common part of the modern ventilation system, and they allow for proper ventilation. A duct is simply described as a simple tube or passageway that can be used for passing cables, liquids, or air through it. Ducts are installed in oil storage tanks, and they must be maintained properly. Over the passage of time, a considerable amount of debris accumulates in the duct, and it needs to be professionally cleaned. If you don’t know anything about cleaning a duct, it’s recommended that you call a company that offers duct cleaning services. Here are a few reasons that duct cleaning services are so important. Efficient Flow If the ducts get dirty and are filled with debris, they will prevent air from passing through properly. Dirt deposits around the sides of the duct will reduce the amount of open space available for air to flow. Naturally, this will put more pressure on your HVAC unit and will ultimately increase the energy consumption. Ideally, you should set an appointment with a company that offers duct cleaning services in Wilton, CT and have your ducts cleaned at least once in a year. Smooth Performance Clean ducts ultimately lead to smooth performance of the HVAC system and will prolong its life. Companies such as the Montanari Fuel Service, Inc. offer a wide range of services, and they will clean the ducts properly. If you notice a reduction in the air flow, it’s recommended that you take action as quickly as possible. Duct cleaning doesn’t cost a lot of money, and the process doesn’t take more than a few hours. If you want to prolong the life of your HVAC system, you should definitely get the ducts cleaned regularly once a year. Be the first to...
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Minimizing Risk with Gas Pipeline Installation in Edmonton

In this industry, one of the biggest complications and difficult aspects of managing your organization is a risk. From costs to environmental risks, every organization needs to find a way to effectively minimize those risks to achieve their best possible outcome. If you need a company to handle gas pipeline installation in Edmonton, it pays to have a team to help you capable of giving you everything they have to minimize any risk to your operation. Extensive Industry Expertise One of the best ways to ensure this happens is by turning to a company providing gas pipeline installation in Edmonton with leading industry knowledge and expertise. What does that mean? They need to be using the latest technology and solutions within the organization. They should be capable of helping you to know what risks are involved in any situation because they have expertise in managing those areas. They should also be able to use a strong and reliable team that in itself has ample experience in the process. Be Picky About Who You Hire It seems simple enough. However, many organizations just need a team that is available to handle the installation. You do not want this a risk. Rather, you want to find a company with the tools and resources available to help you with a proven level of experience. They should be able to help you with the entire process including meeting all industry standards and compliance requirements. They should always be using trusted and proven contractors for the work. If you are not sure if the company you are using for gas pipeline installation in Edmonton is capable of providing these services to you, now is the time to make a change. Invest in our team at Platinum Pipefitting, Inc. to find the help you need. Be the first to...
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Common Mistakes When Hiring a Team for Oilfield Facility Construction in Calgary

Today, there are many organizations promising to be able to provide you with the services you need. Many of them are inferior organizations. When it comes to oilfield facility construction in Calgary, can you afford to go with an unproven or inexperienced company for the work? In most cases, you are likely to see a few mistakes arise if you work with these organizations to build your next property. Inexperience Can Be Costly The biggest mistake companies have in oilfield facility construction in Calgary is not hiring a team of experienced and well-trained professionals to do the work for you. This is why delays often happen – poor planning or a company without enough labor to do the work. This can lead to long term overruns and high costs, too. Inexperience can cost your organization significantly. Lack of Modern Equipment Another key problem has to do with the ineffective equipment and resources available to some organizations. When the time comes to handle your construction effort, you want to know the company doing the work for you is experienced but also has access to the most modern and up to date technologies for the job. These technologies save you money by ensuring your facility is always operating at the most efficient level possible. Take a quick look around. There are companies that could help you, but many of them are likely to let you down. To avoid this, turn to a company specializing in oilfield facility construction in Calgary, like our professionals at Platinum Pipefitting Inc. When you need to design, install, and construct a new pipeline, turn to only a team dedicated to ensuring the work is done on time and within your budget. Call us to learn more. Be the first to...
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