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Women Needing Assistance From Confidential Abortion Clinics in Washington, DC

Pregnancy for many women is joyous and the child they are carrying is a welcomed blessing. For some, it is under less than desirable circumstances, and that is when Confidential Abortion Clinics Washington DC can provide needed assistance. These clinics can help offer options to women of all ages who find themselves dealing with unwanted pregnancies no matter the reasons. They provide compassionate staff willing to listen to patients without judging or stereotyping their situations. Confidential Abortion Clinics Washington DC and in surrounding communities allow women a safe place to discuss their pregnancies with doctors and nurses. They are given the choice to decide what they want to put their bodies through without fear of discrimination. Abortions for any reason are not an easy choice to make and to deal with that decision alone can make the situation harder on someone. One of the main reasons women have abortions is that they are not capable of taking care of or providing for a child in their current situations. Some women find that abortion is medically necessary due to life-threatening conditions that develop during pregnancy. Either way, the decision to abort a pregnancy is a woman’s right, and they can wrestle with the decision. Having a place and people to discuss these issues with can help. Abortions are performed in two ways; the first method is the use of the abortion pill or more commonly known as RU-486. This tablet can be used to induce a miscarriage up to nine weeks of gestation. A doctor will perform a sonogram to determine the approximate gestation of the fetus along with bloodwork. Follow-up visits will also be required to ensure to make sure a person has not suffered adverse effects. The next method is surgical abortion this is performed no later than 17 weeks of gestation, and must be done in a sterile medical environment to ensure patient safety. Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic has been assisting women with their right to choose for over 30 years. Their caring and compassionate staff is there to listen and guide women and offer solutions to unwanted pregnancies. They have board-certified gynecologists who perform the procedures in a discreet and comfortable setting. They provide contraception and counseling to women to help prevent further unwanted pregnancies. They will never pressure anyone to make a decision about abortion and offer guidance on other alternatives to unwanted pregnancy as well. Follow us on Facebook! Be the first to like. Like...
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