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Do You Own A Fireplace With Direct Vent In Chicago Illinois?

The term direct vent fireplace (in Chicago or anywhere else) refers to a heating system that is sealed within a prefabricated metal enclosure. These are indoor arrangements where air to feed the fire’s combustion process is piped in from the outside of the building. The gaseous products of combustion are eventually vented back outside. Preassembled Units These units comprise two main parts – the outer housing and the flue system. Iron and steel are major materials used for the fabrication of a fireplace direct vent for Chicago but refractory materials will also be incorporated and (so that the flames will be visible) there will be a window of special glass across the front side. The housing can be free standing but is usually installed into the frame of the building with its glass window facing into the room that it will be heating. The essential fire box will be inside the housing and is usually fueled by natural gas or propane. For a more realistic appearance, the portion of the firebox visible through the window will contain imitation logs and/or embers made from non-combustible materials. The entire firebox is smaller than the housing but separated from the inner sides of the housing so as to allow room air to enter and be heated without picking up any of the products of combustion. The flue system is in two parts, the first part draws air into the housing to enter at the bottom of the firebox. The second part exhausts the combustion products from the top of the sealed firebox. The exhaust gases can be fed directly to the outside or pass through a heat recovery system. Traditional open grate fires are only about 15% efficient in terms of heating a room. Sealed firebox fires can easily reach 85% efficiency. Northwest Metalcraft in Arlington Heights have been working with ornamental iron since the 1950’s and can produce, install, service and repair a complete range of fireplace direct vent for Chicago. Visit them online at website. 2 people like this post. Like...
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The Extreme Importance of Fireplace Maintenance Services

For many people, having a wood-burning fireplace is something that they enjoy. Many people dream of having a house with this type of old standard fireplace. While it can be a great feature to add aesthetics as well as comfort to the home, especially on those cold winter days, it needs to be understood that this type of fireplace is going to need a certain amount of upkeep throughout the years. Unless the homeowner is experienced in servicing a wood-burning fireplace, the need for professional Fireplace Maintenance Services will be required. The first thing to understand is that fireplace maintenance isn’t simply a luxury, it’s a necessity. The fact is that an unmaintained fireplace can be a fire hazard for the home, and gas burning fireplaces can be a potential noxious gas hazard. One of the most common issues is the buildup of creosote inside of a wood burning fireplace. This build up is extremely combustible and if the buildup is allowed to collect for long enough, starting a fire in the fireplace could ignite the creosote and cause a fire that could spread throughout the home. In addition, especially with gas fireplaces, carbon monoxide poisoning can be a very real danger. This invisible gas is a silent killer. The sad fact is that many people have died because of overexposure to carbon monoxide because of a fireplace that hasn’t been properly maintained, or a home that hasn’t been outfitted with carbon monoxide detectors. Specialty liners for chimneys can help prevent the buildup of creosote and help prevent fires from starting in the fireplace and spreading to the rest of the home. However, this will be the purview of the Fireplace Maintenance Services. If you own a home that has a fireplace, it’s likely that it’s a very appealing and desirable aspect of your home. This feature needs to be taking care of, not only so that it continues to look good, but that it continues to function properly and doesn’t put you or your home at risk. Whether it’s keeping a fireplace looking good, keeping it functioning properly, keeping it safe or all of the above, this is the company that can ensure that all of this takes place. Be the first to like. Like...
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When Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD is Necessary

Being a homeowner is a huge responsibility. However, even the most conscientious homeowner will sometimes take for granted things in the home that usually require little or no maintenance. Items such as the roof, window seals and the chimney usually perform their respective jobs with little wear and tear. It often isn’t until a problem arises that the homeowner takes notice. So when the homeowner goes to retrieve a fallen branch and notices loose and crumbling bricks, worry and even fear begins to take root. Images of falling bricks and house fires come to mind and they are scrambling to find someone who does Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD. If a homeowner suspects there is a reason to distrust his chimney, it is imperative that he get it checked out right away. Damage to a chimney could cause irreparable harm to a home with the risk of a house fire. There is also a danger of falling bricks and if the chimney is separating from the house that very act could cause windows to burst. Bugs can easily infest a home by coming in the unsealed cracks, causing additional problems. A call to a chimney specialist such as website can come to the rescue with their years of experience and knowledge. It is important to remember to check on the things often overlooked in a home. Routine checks can stop a problem before it gets out of hand and, therefore, increases the cost of repair. Since chimneys deal with fire and that alerts to dangers from flames to carbon monoxide poisoning, regular checks by a professional will keep the home and its inhabitants safe from harm. If there is a need for Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD, seeking an expert will not only have the chimney back in service quickly but give the homeowner peace of mind at the same time. A chimney specialist with years in the business will can not only inspect the chimney but take care of all the repairs whether they are removing soot or rebuilding the entire chimney. They will follow all the necessary protocol including insurance and any local permits required. Be the first to like. Like...
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Top Three Fireplace Repair Services Needed Most Often

Fireplaces provide an ideal way to warm the home during colder months. They can be difficult to maintain, however, especially for someone who is unfamiliar with the upkeep process. This often results in break downs and non-working features. Fireplace Repair Services are needed often, with three main services typically completed more than others. Relighting the Pilot Light Many fireplaces have a pilot light in them that allows the fire to start and continue to burn. If this light goes out, the fire can not be started. Rather than attempting to light it themselves, home owners can call upon a fireplace repair company to do it for them. This ensures it gets lit correctly, and it is safe to use. Inspection and Cleaning Each year, fireplace owners are instructed to have their units thoroughly cleaned and inspected. A fireplace specialist should come in to handle the inspection and ensure all components are in proper working order. Non-working parts and unclean conditions cause for concern when it comes to fireplaces, as they can cause a safety hazard. An inspection and cleaning will ensure the unit is in good working condition, so safety issues are non-existent. Repairing or Replacing the Remote Control Sometimes, it is not the fireplace that has the issue. Instead, the remote control the unit comes with may be having problems. If the owner has checked the batteries and can still not get the remote working, a repairman may be needed to take a look at the wiring. They will either work to fix the remote and get it working once again, or provide a new remote that will work correctly with the fireplace settings. Fireplace Repair Services come in a wide variety, but three of them are the top services needed most often. When a fireplace ceases to work, the home owner should call upon The Fireplace Guys to get it fixed. They will look to the three most common problems first to see if those are the issue, and work to get the fireplace fixed as soon as possible. Connect with us with on Google+! Be the first to like. Like...
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Understanding A Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

There are a lot of homes today designed without any consideration for putting in a traditional type of fireplace with a large masonry chimney and hearth area. For these homeowners, a direct vent gas fireplace offers an alternative without the need for the traditional fireplace design. With the new technology used in creating the “burn” or the flames in a direct vent gas fireplace, they are very realistic looking, not at all like the old styles of gas fireplaces from decades ago. Today, these fireplaces come in a variety of styles and are in high demand for home additions, bedrooms, family rooms, home theaters and anywhere else you want the beauty and comfort of a fireplace. The Advantages With a direct vent gas fireplace, as with a gas insert or a gas fireplace, the gas line is run through the walls. This provides instant on and off to the system, as well as full temperature control, all from a remote control or on/off switch system. These fireplaces can even be connected to wall thermostats, allowing you to set the temperature in a room to your comfort level without adjusting the heat in the rest of the home. With no need to carry in wood, and no need to clean out ashes, these are virtually maintenance free fireplaces for any room. They come in a range of sizes and with different looks from the very traditional to modern, allowing you to choose the right match for your room. How they Work A direct vent gas fireplace is vented to the outside of the home, but it doesn’t need a chimney, just a vent pipe. It can even be placed horizontally through a wall if it is not possible to vent through the roof. This vent pipe contains two sections, one for bringing in air to provide fuel for combustion and one for expelling the by-products of the burning process. Air from the outside is brought into the sealed system, then the gases created through the burning process are pushed out through the vent pipe. There is no air exchange between the fireplace and the air in the interior of the home, rather radiant heating provides warmth to the room. Top direct vent gas fireplace models will have electronic ignitions, remote controls for operation, as well as blowers to increase the distribution of heat throughout the room. Highly energy efficient and beautiful, these are a great addition to virtually any room of any home. If you have always wanted a fireplace but didn’t think you had the right home design, talk to our representative at Kozy Heat. We can find the right direct vent gas fireplace to meet your needs. 1 person likes this post. Like...
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