Do You Own A Fireplace With Direct Vent In Chicago Illinois?

The term direct vent fireplace (in Chicago or anywhere else) refers to a heating system that is sealed within a prefabricated metal enclosure. These are indoor arrangements where air to feed the fire’s combustion process is piped in from the outside of the building. The gaseous products of combustion are eventually vented back outside.

Preassembled Units

These units comprise two main parts – the outer housing and the flue system. Iron and steel are major materials used for the fabrication of a fireplace direct vent for Chicago but refractory materials will also be incorporated and (so that the flames will be visible) there will be a window of special glass across the front side.

The housing can be free standing but is usually installed into the frame of the building with its glass window facing into the room that it will be heating. The essential fire box will be inside the housing and is usually fueled by natural gas or propane. For a more realistic appearance, the portion of the firebox visible through the window will contain imitation logs and/or embers made from non-combustible materials. The entire firebox is smaller than the housing but separated from the inner sides of the housing so as to allow room air to enter and be heated without picking up any of the products of combustion.

The flue system is in two parts, the first part draws air into the housing to enter at the bottom of the firebox. The second part exhausts the combustion products from the top of the sealed firebox. The exhaust gases can be fed directly to the outside or pass through a heat recovery system.

Traditional open grate fires are only about 15% efficient in terms of heating a room. Sealed firebox fires can easily reach 85% efficiency.

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