Common Mistakes When Hiring a Team for Oilfield Facility Construction in Calgary

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Oil and Gas

Today, there are many organizations promising to be able to provide you with the services you need. Many of them are inferior organizations. When it comes to oilfield facility construction in Calgary, can you afford to go with an unproven or inexperienced company for the work? In most cases, you are likely to see a few mistakes arise if you work with these organizations to build your next property.

Inexperience Can Be Costly

The biggest mistake companies have in oilfield facility construction in Calgary is not hiring a team of experienced and well-trained professionals to do the work for you. This is why delays often happen – poor planning or a company without enough labor to do the work. This can lead to long term overruns and high costs, too. Inexperience can cost your organization significantly.

Lack of Modern Equipment

Another key problem has to do with the ineffective equipment and resources available to some organizations. When the time comes to handle your construction effort, you want to know the company doing the work for you is experienced but also has access to the most modern and up to date technologies for the job. These technologies save you money by ensuring your facility is always operating at the most efficient level possible.

Take a quick look around. There are companies that could help you, but many of them are likely to let you down. To avoid this, turn to a company specializing in oilfield facility construction in Calgary, like our professionals at Platinum Pipefitting Inc. When you need to design, install, and construct a new pipeline, turn to only a team dedicated to ensuring the work is done on time and within your budget. Call us to learn more.

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