3 Things that are Checked During Oil Pipeline Maintenance

If you work in the energy industry, your job is more high-stakes than others. Anything that could hinder the environment, as you know, has a lot of mandates and government oversight. The level of third-party involvement can be extreme, but the logic is that it protects the public as well as the environment. Oil Pipeline Maintenance Company Calgary professionals are available to help you stay compliant.

Here are three things that are checked during oil pipeline maintenance.

Debris Removal

Pipelines are situated in geographic areas that experience all types of weather conditions. If your pipeline is situated in an area where it snows, the snow should be removed during maintenance. While snow and debris is being removed, it is a good time to check the surface underneath the pipe, too. Professionals are trained to spread the gravel and look around for any other exterior issues.

Piping Modifications

During maintenance, your team, or the team of professionals you hire, should take a look at the pipes and valves. Sometimes, piping needs to be modified. Other times, the valves need to be changed out. Whatever the situation calls for, after an assessment, you can rest assured that the proper action will be taken so that no problems occur, thereafter. Maintenance focuses on prevention. The goal is always to tend to a potential issue before it becomes a problem.


Oil pipelines are at risk for corrosion. This is why they are covered in a sealant. A sealant prevents oxygen and water from reaching the pipe. Once oxygen and water combine and sit on the pipe, the corrosion begins. Eventually, it leads to the need for a pipe replacement, which can be expensive and time consuming.

An Oil Pipeline Maintenance Company Calgary is available to provide their services. Call for a consultation, today.

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