3 Common Sports Injuries

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Healthcare

For most people, playing sports is a way to get the physical workout they need and enjoying the sport in itself. Although playing sports can be very rewarding, there are a few dangers you will have to face. In some cases, you will find yourself the victim of sports injuries, which can take you out of doing what you love for a long time. There are a number of different causes for these types of sports related injuries. The best thing to do once you start to notice you have these injuries is to seek out professional help. The following are a few of the most common sports injuries and signs you have them.

Rotator Cuff Tear

One of the most common types of sports related injuries is the rotator cuff tear. This type of injury affects the shoulder and is caused by repetitive motion such as throwing a ball. If you start to notice a dull aching pain when resting, especially if you are lying on the damaged shoulder, then you will need to seek out professional help. The longer you wait to get the help you need, the more damage you will have done to your shoulder.

ACL Tear

Another very common type of sports injury affects the ACL muscles and is usually caused by a direct hit or collision with the knee. Once this part of your body has been injured, you will start to notice pain and swelling in your knee. In order to have this type of injury fixed, you will have to undergo surgery to repair the damaged tissue. In most cases, you will lose quite a bit of range of motion in your knee until you heal completely from the surgery. Usually, you will have to wear an air cast during your recovery process to reduce the strain you put on your knee.

Labral Tear

Yet another common injury most athletes face is a Labral Tear, which affects the hip. Usually this will be caused by a lot of force being introduced to the hip, like in a fall. In some cases, this injury can be fixed with the use of pain management and the use of physical therapy techniques. The moment you find yourself hurt in this way, you will need to find a medical professional in your area with experience and the ability to treat you.

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