3 Exciting Looks With Quartz Countertops For Minneapolis Bathrooms

3 Exciting Looks With Quartz Countertops For Minneapolis Bathrooms

While counters in the kitchen are often a major consideration in a remodeling or renovation project, sometimes the bathroom counters are overlooked. Adding quartz countertops to a bathroom is a great way to compliment the style of the bathroom and to create a one of a kind look and feel to this central room in any home.

There are several advantages to choosing quartz for Minneapolis bathroom countertops. With the use of resin to hold the ground quartz together, the naturally porous stone is turned into a non-porous counter. This is important in the bathroom where water, soap, makeup and other types of products are a concern.

Quartz is also durable and will last a lifetime. It does not need to be sealed after installation, and cleaning is as easy as wiping down with a dry or damp cloth.

Bright Colors

In small spaces, quartz countertops can add a pop of color and pizzazz. Bright colors including apple green, purple, blue, red, magenta or even variegated colors are a great look with more neutral or earthy options in flooring, fixtures and wall colors. Bright counters are always a terrific contrast to the classic white color schemes in bathrooms.

Neutral Colors

To create more of a spa look in the bathroom, quartz countertops can look like granite or marble with the more rustic, earthy types of patterns and options. There are also colors that offer a more uniform neutral color without a pattern, adding to the relaxing aesthetics of the space.

Interesting Patterns

In addition to great color options and variations, Minneapolis countertops in quartz also provide a range of patterns. This can include a true marbling or veining type of look long with more of an aggregate look or an abstract type of shape and patterning throughout the counter.

There are a lot of possibilities with the choice of quartz counter for a bathroom. Looking around online for ideas is an ideal place to start if you are not sure of exactly what you want.

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