3 Handy Tips to Finding a Quality Collision Repair Service

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Autos

Dealing with a road accident is already hard enough. After you’ve gone through the usual steps—hire a lawyer, get help, call your insurance, have yourself checked out at the hospital to name a few—you’ll need to worry about having your car repaired as well. Here are top three tips to make that process easier:

Ask your insurance

Your insurance will have a list of repair shops and services it works with so you might want to ask about that first, says The Simple Dollar. If that doesn’t pan out, though—the location is too far or the rates don’t seem reasonable—then it is time to do your own research and look for one. In addition, you should remember that you don’t limit your options to the list of service providers from your insurance company. You’ll have plenty of auto body shops to choose from for collision repair that might be better in terms of service rates and quality.

Consider service lineup

Does the facility offer a range of collision repair services you need, from a new paint job to getting the dents and dints out of your car’s body? Take a long look at those services to make sure the service center can offer you a wide range of services necessary to get your car back up and running in its pre-collision state.

Go online

It won’t hurt if you go online and look for reviews and feedback about the collision repair center and crew. Are there a ton of reviews from satisfied customers? You must be doing something right! However, if you end up unearthing a pile of negative comments and feedback, thank your lucky stars that you dodged that bullet and then set about finding a repair service, one with a better reputation. With help from online reviews, you’ll have an easier time finding auto body shop repair centers you can trust.

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