3 Mistakes To Avoid After A Tampa Auto Accident

No one plans to be in a car accident. From a little fender bender to a serious accident with injuries or even fatalities, it is important to know what to do. However, as any attorney in Tampa will tell you, it is also important to know what not to do and say after an auto accident.

Immediately After the Accident

Without thinking, it is very easy for someone that is not familiar with what to do after an auto accident to make mistakes that may impact their claim in the future. With that being said, the first priority should always be to make sure there are no injuries, and if injuries have indeed occurred, immediately call for an ambulance.

Don’t forget to call the police and don’t assume that if the other driver indicates the police aren’t necessary that this is the case. Having a police report eliminates the “he said she said” issues that will often come up later.

Additional Errors to Avoid

In addition to those must-do items, here are three common mistakes that people make immediately after an accident that can be problematic.

  • Saying it was your fault – while it is natural to say “I am sorry,” it can be taken as a sign of admission of guilt or liability for the accident. Do not talk about the accident or who was at fault, deal with any injuries and wait for the police to arrive.
  • Leaving the scene – do not leave the scene of the auto accident for any reason, unless you are advised by the EMT you need to go to the hospital in the ambulance. If someone needs to go to the hospital, call the authorities, do not drive them.
  • Not gathering information – if you are not injured and can gather information from witnesses and the information from other drivers, you need to do so. Take pictures of all damage and the surroundings as well.

Finally, don’t delay in reporting the accident to your insurance company and in retaining a Tampa accident attorney. Not reporting the accident can limit your ability for recovery, but don’t give medical statements without your attorney’s advice.

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