3 Signs It’s Time for Diesel Repair in Dunnellon

Glow plugs are found on vehicles with diesel engines. The glow plug’s purpose is to warm up engine cylinders to facilitate the combustion of diesel fuel. These plugs play a critical role in warming the engine cylinders during cold starting, and they use electrodes that warm up with the application of electrical current. When there is an issue with the glow plugs, vehicle drivability is negatively affected. However, failing plugs produce a few symptoms of which drivers should be aware. In the brief guide below, readers can learn three signs of glow plug failure.

Decreases in Power or Acceleration & Engine Misfires

An engine misfire is often the first symptom of problems with the glow plugs. If these plugs fail, they do not provide the heat necessary for diesel combustion, and an engine misfire may result. A misfiring engine will lose power, fuel efficiency, and acceleration. Misfires can come from other causes, and the driver should contact us to bring the vehicle in for a proper diagnosis and Diesel Repair in Dunnellon.

Hard Starts

Another sign of glow plug issues is hard starting. Unlike a gas engine that uses spark to ignite the fuel, a diesel engine relies on cylinder pressure. If the engine’s glow plugs malfunction, the engine must work against pressure to ignite the fuel mixture, and hard starting is the result. If the vehicle suddenly becomes hard to start, the glow plugs could be to blame.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Black smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust can also indicate an issue with the glow plugs. Faulty plugs can disturb the combustion process, which can cause the diesel engine to emit black smoke from the exhaust pipes. Black smoke may have other causes as well, and a proper engine diagnosis is very important.

Glow plugs can be found on almost every diesel engine, and these parts play a key role in proper engine starting and operation. If a diesel vehicle is exhibiting one or more of the signs listed above, or if the owner suspects an issue with the glow plugs, they should bring the vehicle in for an inspection by a professional technician. With prompt diagnosis and diesel repair in Dunnellon, a professional can determine whether the glow plugs should be replaced.

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