4 Points to Know Before You deal with a Jammed Door Lock

A good and sturdy lock on your front door can effectively keep burglars and thieves out. But if your door lock is jammed, it could also lock you out. Need a locksmith early in the day or late at night? Look for a 24-hour locksmith in Orange to help you out.

Why DIY isn’t a good idea

While there are sites like SFGate that provide you with instructions on how to fix that jammed door lock, if you don’t have the tools, skills or inclination to do so, then hiring a professional to get it done is a much better use of your time, energies and resources.

Don’t try to use oil

If your lock isn’t opening with a key, the problem could simply be that it’s dirty or dry and needs to be lubricated. Don’t try to use just any kind of oil, though, thinking that would do. That could mess up your lock further and you could lose any chance to repair and reuse the lock. Let a professional handle this for you instead.

Front door locks are expensive

That’s why it pays to hire the services of a 24-hour locksmith in Orange to fix your front door lock. Done with an experienced and competent professional, you won’t have to say goodbye to your expensive door knob. You could have a pro fix it and have it back on your front door, good as new, says Hometips.

Improper installation is a problem

If you installed that lock on yourself, the problem could be caused by improper installation. That could be why the lock isn’t latching properly. A good locksmith, though, will know that and can easily fix that up for you in no time. If you aren’t certain what’s wrong with the lock or door, ask a locksmith to come over and have a look. For more information, visit us at The Flying Locksmiths Of Southwest Connecticut today!

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