4 Reasons Hiring a Drunk Driving Attorney is a Smart Move

About 28 people in the US die every day due to motor vehicle crashes that involve drunk driving. That’s about 51 deaths every 51 minutes or so, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These deaths are preventable, though, simply by not sliding behind the wheel when you’re drunk and impaired.

If you still do, though, and you find yourself in an accident, here’s why calling for a drunk driving attorney in Los Angeles should be your next move:

It’s a serious offense

DUI is a serious offense. It could compromise your chances at employment if you end up being charged, which is what’s going to happen if someone dies because of your negligence and careless on the road.

It’s your first time

If this is the first time you find yourself dealing with a drunk driving charge, then you’ll be better off hiring pros to get you through the process. From filing requirements and documents in court to representing your rights and finding ways to help lower your sentence or charges, hiring legal help can make the experience so much less intimidating and scary. Your lawyer will serve as a guide throughout the process.

It’s not your first time

If this isn’t your first time, though, then all the more reason to get legal help. You’ll likely end up with tougher sentence or might even need to spend time behind bars. A competent lawyer can help you get off with a lighter sentence.

It’s bogus

If you know the charges are bogus – the police officer might have had faulty equipment in determining your blood-alcohol level – then you have more than enough ground to go against those charges. Hiring a drunk driving attorney in Los Angeles can help you set the record to rights and take that black mark off your record.

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