4 Times to Replace Glass Shower Doors in Tecumseh MI

If the home’s shower door has become discolored, misty or cracked, it may be time for new glass Shower Doors in Tecumseh MI. Despite these signs, some homeowners have a hard time knowing when it’s time to upgrade their shower doors. Below are some things to look for when making the decision to repair or replace glass shower enclosures.

A Rusty Shower Frame

Rusty rail tracks and door frames are inevitable because these parts get wet every time someone takes a shower. Moisture and insufficient ventilation can cause mildew and mold growth, which can also damage the door frame. Once the frame is damaged, the only way to resolve it is to replace the entire enclosure.

The Door Doesn’t Fit or Close Correctly

If the glass shower door swings open, a contractor can check the latch and hinges for defects and rust. For sliding Shower Doors in Tecumseh MI, it’s easy to check the track to see if a foreign object is keeping the door from closing. If the door doesn’t close or fit well, the user may find themselves constantly mopping the bathroom floor or dealing with mold and mildew issues.

Cracked, Discolored Glass

Cracked and discolored glass doors are very unsightly. Discoloration is typically caused by water, mold and soap buildup. While some cleaning agents can resolve these problems, replacing the glass can give the entire room a clean, fresh feel and look. Call a local shower door installer for help choosing the right glass for the project.

During Renovations

Remodeling the bathroom can be exciting, and it’s also the ideal time to consider changing glass shower doors. The pros at Maple City Glass Inc can help homeowners select the right kind of glass for any decor, and they can make suggestions when it’s time to replace the entire enclosure.

While glass shower doors are designed to last for many years, they, like everything else in the house, will eventually need replacement. Call the office or visit the website today to schedule a free quote or to get the glass shower enclosure that’s right for the bathroom and the family.

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