4 Ways to Pick an AC Service Company

Routine maintenance is key to the health of your air conditioning unit. If you’ve lost confidence in your old service provider, though, and want to start looking for a new one, use the following tips to help you pick a reputable company that offers AC service in Fair Oaks:

Check for liability insurance

That’s one of the first things you’ll want to ask about. A good company takes care of its employees. That means they make sure members of their crew are covered and insured. For your peace of mind, you’d better ask for proof of insurance liability before you let any maintenance or repair service start, Today’s Homeowner suggests.

Look for reviews

Reviews online can help you get a clearer idea of which AC service companies are in Fair Oaks can provide you with the best service possible. While it’s easy enough to take a ton of positive feedback with a grain of salt, poor reviews or criticism leveled against the company helps warn you against hiring companies that are completely wrong for the job and might only end up botching things further.

Consider customer service

Is the staff helpful and polite when you call with a possible issue? Or do you feel like they’re rushing to get you off the phone. Also, if you asked for a quote today and they reply to you a few days or even a week late, then it might be better to rethink your decision of hiring that company’s services. If they’re hard to get a hold of and demonstrate poor communication quality, then you’ll be better off elsewhere.

Ask around

Friends and family can provide you with a pile of helpful recommendations and suggestions so ask. Who knows? You could end up with enough leads to help you find a stellar AC service team that much sooner.

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