5 Facts About MRIs

5 Facts About MRIs

MRI, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging, is a type of test that utilizes magnets and radio waves to scan a specific part of your body. These scans serve to create detailed images–similar to what x-rays produce–that can reveal important health issues. The difference between these scans and radiology imaging comes in the fact that unlike x-rays, MRIs don’t utilize radiation in order to create scans. MRIs can be used to detect tumors, bone fractures, and infections, among other things. But these is just the basics– there’s a lot more to MRIs than you might realize.

1. The magnetic field in an MRI can be up to 4,000 times stronger than that of a regular magnet– a far cry from the magnets you’re sticking on your fridge at home. This is why metal objects are not allowed in the MRI room, or anywhere near the machine. It’s also why an MRI can’t be given to patients with pacemakers or certain types of metal implants.

2. When using this type of imaging, the body can be mapped from all angles, and at any depth– without you having to move around. Unlike x-rays, which can involve repeated repositioning, an MRI only requires you to lie still in one position.

3. MRI scans are powerful enough to capture certain issues that are too small to reveal via x-ray. Certain tumors and bone fractures might be too small to be visible via radiology imaging. MRI scans can even map out your circulatory system.

4. Getting an MRI is an experience often referred to an anxiety-inducing, but there are ways to combat those feelings. Many imaging centers will give you a mild sedative before your scan, and nowadays, open MRIs are becoming more common, which lessens the chance of claustrophobia.

5. MRI imaging can be further enhanced by certain contrast liquids, which will be injected intravenously prior to the scan. These liquids will highlight certain areas of the MRI scan when they are in your system.

These are just a few facts about the incredible powers of magnetic resonance imaging. Often, this type of test is the best way to get the most accurate and in-depth evaluation of whatever is ailing you, and is the go-to test of choice when other methods of testing or treatment have produced inconclusive or ineffective results. If you’re worried about radiation, you can move away from radiology imaging and try an MRI. And if you’re feeling nervous, plenty of service centers, such as Open MRI of Orlando, offer open MRI testing.

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