5 Things to Consider When Using Indoor Electronic Message Boards

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Indoor & Outdoor Digital Displays

The best business owners know how to take advantage of everything from basic marketing tools to high technology—in order to market their brand, products or services. That includes upgrading to the right kind of indoor electronic message boards.

Here are some factors you’ll need to consider, though, before you set out to invest in digital display boards for your commercial business, factory or institution:


Pick the right location for your digital business sign. It won’t matter how great the electronic message sign is if your customers or target market can’t see it well. Analyze your space. Look for locations where the most traffic will see your digital message sign. You want to engage your audience as long as possible because the longer viewers remain in an area, the more likely they are to react to one of your advertisements or messages.

Brand consistency

One of the most important things you’ll want to consider is the consistency of your marketing and brand, says Small Business Trends. Your indoor electronic message boards need to reflect the same vibe or brand personality as all of your other advertising elements which helps to establish strong market recall in your target audience.


It’s not enough that you have something to say. Make sure you pick the right medium to deliver your message. Some advertising messages are more suited to outdoor LED screens than indoor digital displays. Determine if you’re using your indoor electronic message boards correctly.


Make sure the information on your digital message boards is accurate. The last thing you want is to display a special offer or discount that customers want to purchase only to find out that you misstated the advertisement.

Special occasions

Don’t forget to update your message boards for holidays and other special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more. Seasonal ads can be very effective in encouraging consumers to purchase now while seasonal sales are in place and to spend more money than they might normally spend.

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