5 Ways Law Offices in Fort Benning, GA Help Criminal Defendants

If a person is charged with an offense, the justice system can seem like a labyrinth that is confusing and costly. Thankfully, there are attorneys who focus on criminal defense and use a variety of strategies to advocate for defendants. While it may be tempting to self-represent in court, defendants should consider the following five ways Law Offices in Fort Benning GA can help.

Use the Discovery Process to Its Full Potential

As the name suggests, discovery is the legal method by which attorneys gather evidence to exonerate a client or refute the prosecution’s claims. Surveillance video, documents, and oral testimony can be gathered via depositions, interrogatories, and subpoenas.

Negotiation With Prosecutors

Many criminal matters are resolved with plea bargains. Here, a defendant agrees to a guilty plea on lesser charges in return for a lighter sentence. If the case carries the potential for a plea bargain, a criminal attorney will know how to work with prosecutors.

Knowledge of Local Courts

Every court and jurisdiction have their own procedures, cultures, and judges. Local lawyers are familiar with court procedures, and they have valuable insights into what should be done before, during, and even after a case is completed.

Finding Ways to Expedite or Delay Trial

Depending on the case’s circumstances, a client may want to get it over with, or they may want to delay it to get their affairs in order or gather evidence. A criminal lawyer can help a client decide on and implement a schedule that works without damaging the case.


If a person is convicted or pleads to a lower charge, a criminal lawyer with Ezell Chancey And Raiford LLP can help them clear their record with an expungement. However, this is not possible in all situations. The attorney can evaluate the case and determine whether an expungement is possible.

Regardless of the nature and severity of a crime, an experienced defense attorney can help clients at every stage in the criminal justice process. Many Law Offices in Fort Benning GA offer low-cost or free consultations, which allow potential clients to ask important questions before making a hiring decision.

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