A Bail Bondsman in El Reno OK Provides Fast Service So Defendants Are Released Quickly

by | May 14, 2019 | Bail Bonds

A bail Bondsman in El Reno OK assists men and women who have been arrested for a broad range of criminal offenses. In many cases, they are arrested before charges are filed. A bail bond can allow them to be released from jail before the prosecuting attorney even files charges. This helps these individuals get started on their defense strategy quickly.

The Importance of Quick Release

Being released from jail quickly is important for most people for many reasons. If they plan to fight the charges or want to negotiate a plea bargain, they’ll need to find a defense lawyer they feel they can rely on for excellent legal representation. They probably need to get back to work as soon as possible. They may have family obligations at home.

When a defendant decides not to pay bail or pay a fee for a surety bond, that person might wait behind bars for several weeks until trial or until the case is resolved some other way. The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to a speedy trial, but the definition of speedy might be called into question these days.

The Application Process

Usually a close friend or immediate family member applies for the bail bond and pays the fee. Sometimes, however, the defendant can make all the arrangements from jail. People who have been arrested are allowed at least one phone call, and that call might be to a bail bondsman in El Reno OK. If the defendant is qualified through the application and able to provide his or her credit card number for the service fee, release from jail can be very fast. Often, only a down payment is required if this person is creditworthy enough for a payment plan.

Help Is Available

Every day, some U.S. residents have the unfortunate experience of being arrested for a criminal offense. The alleged offense might be possession of an illegal drug for personal use, burglary, check fraud, assault or any other criminal activity. Whether or not the person actually committed the crime, help is available from organizations like Ken Boyer Bail Bonds. Visit us online to get started.

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