A Guide To Indoor Kiosks And If They’re Right For You

Using a kiosk has many benefits for you and your customers, but it can be tough to decide between indoor and outdoor booths. The decision to use one is easy, but some people aren’t familiar with the pros and cons of an inside version versus an outside one.

Benefits Of Inside Options

Primarily, indoor kiosks work well if you are open for longer periods or place it in a location that is always open. You may also be able to change the information more frequently.

Some people prefer to use inside versions because they can get warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and will stay out of the rain/snow. They may be able to take their time and read through all the information or purchase products, whereas they may not be able to do so outside.

You may also get more targeted audiences with indoor kiosks. They have entered the building, so they’re already interested in your wares. With outdoor versions, it can be more hit-or-miss. If they don’t want anything or aren’t sure where to go, they may forego your outside kiosk in search of something else.

Likewise, it can also be used for a reservation center, information/question help, and may free up your employees to do other things.


While the pros are many, there could be a few drawbacks. If you are only open during regular business hours but want something that can be accessed anytime, the inside version may not be right for you. However, if you work in a mall or can place the machine somewhere that’s open all the time, you’ll have more visibility.

Likewise, indoor kiosks could cause traffic problems when inside the building. Multiple people may want to use the machine and have to wait, causing lines that conflict with the rest of the shop.

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