A Guide to Septic Cleaning and Hydro Excavation in Lima Ohio

A Guide to Septic Cleaning and Hydro Excavation in Lima Ohio

Hydro excavation is a technique that uses pressurized water plus an industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. Utilizing non-mechanical and non-destructive methods, it can safely break up soil, as well as water slurry which is then transferred by vacuum to a debris tank. It is a safer method of working around utilities than with a shovel or an excavator, and it is more cost efficient. Hydro excavation is designed to power through all kinds of difficult terrain including frozen or unfrozen ground.

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For home owners, the condition of their septic tanks is very important to protecting what may be their single biggest investment. A septic tank it designed to last for many years, but it needs to be properly maintained. Without proper maintenance, a malfunctioning septic tank can lead to costly repairs and could possibly contaminate their drinking water, of failed inspections. That can prove to be a nightmare if they ever want to sell their home.

There are certain tell tale signs of septic problems. These includes overflowing toilets or slow draining, drains the are making bizarre gurgling sounds, or the smell of foul air and sight of wet waste beginning to show up on the homeowners land. They may also notice that there is a recession in the soil near either the septic tank or the soak away drain. To prevent these incidents from occurring, septic systems should be emptied out annually. The storage containers that hold the waste can only handle a certain amount, and if the sludge starts to seep away into the soak away pit it can really bind things up.

Sometimes homeowners may not need a job quite as big in scope as Hydro Excavation in Lima Ohio but they might only need drain cleaning. This is done with high pressure line jetting with capabilities of more than three football fields. Video inspections can locate and identify any problems homeowners may have with their sewer line and in most cases provide them with different options on how their problem can be fixed or maintained.

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