A Quick Guide to Radon Mitigation Products

If you are concerned with radon levels in your building or have been confused with the range of products and services available to cut down on radon levels, you will find that it is actually pretty simple. Calling a radon mitigation service will help you determine which products you need for your particular building. This quick guide covers the main ones and what each one does:

1. Testing Kits

As the name suggests, these test and display how much radon is present in the air. Short term kits are cheaper but only measure the immediate levels, which can fluctuate daily. Consumer reports suggest using a long-term kit instead, which will measure radon levels over a period of several months in order to display an accurate read out.

2. Mitigation System

If the test shows levels that are too high, you may need a full system for radon mitigation in order to prevent further radon from entering the home and dissipating existing radon safely into the open air. Ask a mitigation service which type of system will work best for your building.

3. Water Systems

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, radon can also enter the body through drinking water, particularly in areas with underground water sources and certain types of bedrock. If your area is one of them, a radon water system can cut down upon the levels in your drinking water.

4. UV Air Purification

This device uses UV light to purify the air in a home and kill not only radon but germs, viruses, and bacteria. It cannot cut radon down completely but it does go a long way to sterilizing the air.

The products you need will depend upon your location, natural radon levels, and how much radon is currently in your building. Consult with a mitigation service to find the best and most cost-effective prevention methods and systems for your building which will keep it consistently safe.

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