A Residential Septic Tank Cleaning Service In Findlay, Ohio Can Keep a System Operating

by | May 16, 2017 | Business

Until the drains in a home or business become slow or a sewer smell is entering a building, many owners don’t really give much thought to their septic systems. Regular maintenance including Residential Septic Tank Cleaning Service in Findlay Ohio should be performed to keep it operating at peak performance and eliminate a chance for the leach bed to be destroyed by solids. Aeration systems usually require service contracts, which provides inspection of the system and cleaning of the injectors. A septic system that is not properly maintained can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage inside and outside of a home.

A septic system will show signs of problems such as sluggish drains in a home or a plumbing backup. A homeowner may hear a gurgling noise in the pipes and drains. Outside, there may be a foul odor, and the ground might be soft where the septic tank or leach field is. Regular cleaning by Residential Septic Tank Cleaning Service in Findlay Ohio is determined by the size of a tank and the number of people living in a home. A large tank that has one or two people in a home will not need to be cleaned as often as a tank that is used by five or six people.

A septic tank is cleaned by a trained technician and involves a large hose that’s connected to a truck and put into the tank. The truck will vacuum the solids and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. The technician will remove the gray water, scum, and any solids in the tank. The technician can recommend how often a tank should be cleaned. The solids in a septic system must be removed because they can filter into the aeration system or into the leach field. Once the solids leave the holding tank in the ground, it can clog pipes and cause larger problems.

Bluffton Aeration Services has years of experience with cesspools, drain cleaning, real estate evaluations, leach bed restorations, pumping of tanks, replacement of septic systems, and many other services. They also offer industrial, commercial, and municipal services and provide prompt, courteous, and professional service.

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