A Social Security Attorney Can Help You Win Your Claim for Benefits

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Law

Getting disability benefits from Social Security can be a long, drawn-out affair. Hiring a knowledgeable Social Security attorney in Missouri to handle your claim may result in speedier results.

An experienced attorney knows ways that might speed up the approval process. Although an attorney cannot guarantee that they can speed up the process or fast-track the claim, there are things that attorneys know that often result in getting the claim approved faster.

The Importance of First Round Approval

The fastest way to get a disability claim approved is on the initial application. An attorney knows what Social Security expects in the way of claim content and disability details. In many cases, the initial claim is denied. When this happens, you will be facing a wait of a year or more for your appeals hearing. A lawyer, with his or her knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations, can increase the chances of winning benefits without having to wait for a hearing. When you hire a Social Security attorney in Missouri at the time of the initial claim, the attorney can:

  • Ensure the claim is complete and demonstrate how your disability meets the qualification criteria.
  • Gather all the medical evidence that is required to prove to the Social Security Administration that you suffer from physical or mental impairment and are unable to work.
  • Gather supporting input from your doctors

The Hearing

If the initial claim is denied, your case will move to the hearing stage. The hearing is held in the presence of an administrative law judge as well as medical and vocational experts. If the fact that you cannot work places you in serious financial jeopardy, an attorney can often get the hearing date moved up. Prior to your hearing, an attorney can brief you on what to expect, what questions may be posed, and how you can best convey the specifics of your disability to the judge.

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