Adding Patio Doors To An Older Home

Many older homes were built before patios. Eventually, the type of outdoor living spaces of today, became popular. If you live in one of these older homes you don’t have to do without a patio or deck, and you can redesign a kitchen or living room to accommodate for patio doors.

There are several very good reasons to add patio doors and easy access to the outdoors to any home. One reason is the increase in natural light and open space in a room created by the doors. French doors are particularly popular as they do provide a lot of light while also be very versatile with a wide range of design and décor styles.

Another reason is to add value to a home if you are considering a sale in the near or distant future. Most people today want an outdoor living space and simply adding the doors and a bit of landscaping will add to the value of a home.


Obviously one of the most important factors in choosing a location for patio doors is the location of the patio or deck. However, it is possible to design a walkway or boardwalk type of design if it makes sense for the interior of the home to have the doors offset from the actual patio space.

The other option would be to build an additional patio or deck off the kitchen, dining or living room area and then connect the two outdoor areas. You want to choose a location for your patio doors that makes moving food, beverages, and people in and out, easy.


There are many different styles of patio doors to consider. Natural wood doors are a great investment, and they are very complimentary to the natural wood found in many older homes.

French style door, mentioned above, are always a good choice. They can be designed to have more open or more solid types of designs to give just the look you want. Bypass doors or sliding doors may also be a good option for a smaller interior or exterior space.

In addition to the the style of the patio doors, also consider the type of glass you want to have. Different glass from clear to antique looking or even caming and designs in the glass can add details and bring attention to the doors to complete the style and design of the interior and exterior of the home.

We believe in offering our customers a wide selection of beautifully designed wood patio doors. At Nick’s Building Supply, you will find just the patio door you want, or we can build one for you with our custom design option. To learn more go to website.

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