Air Conditioning Installations In Palm Desert CA Will Keep Your Home Comfortable

Air Conditioning Installations In Palm Desert CA Will Keep Your Home Comfortable

Fluctuating temperatures means it’s always best to be prepared for when the extreme heat arrives. Now is a great time of the year to have an air conditioner or heating service checked and serviced. If either of the units requires extensive repairs, a new HVAC system should be given consideration.

A company that has experience in Air Conditioning Installations in Palm Desert CA can get a home ready for the summer months. During this time of the year, HVAC companies will provide offers with discounted pricing for tune-ups and inspections.

Older Units

It’s highly recommended that an air conditioner that is more than ten years old be upgraded to a more energy-efficient unit. If a unit is more than fifteen years old, they will not have the same efficiency as the units that are manufactured today.

How Long Does An HVAC Last?

In order for heating or air conditioning system to last the longest amount of time possible, they require proper and regular maintenance. Most HVAC systems last fifteen to 25 years. Air conditioning unit last ten to fifteen years, and furnaces last an average of fifteen to twenty years.

Signs An Air Conditioner Needs To Be Replaced

When an air conditioner is inefficient, the electric bill will increase, and the home won’t be as cool and comfortable as it should be. When a homeowner is facing expensive repairs and frequent breakdowns, the air conditioner should be replaced. Air Conditioning Installations in Palm Desert CA can be performed in a short amount of time.


Experienced HVAC companies provide a variety of option for financing a new air conditioning or heating unit. The amount of money a homeowner will save with new heating or air conditioning unit will help to pay for the new one.

All Seasons Air Conditioning Plumbing & Heating Inc. offers a variety of HVAC services that can improve the comfort of your home. They have licensed, certified, and trained technicians will thoroughly explain any problems with an HVAC system and provide an owner with a written estimate. In addition, they offer plumbing services that include water heater installation, air filtration systems, and much more.

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