Alternative Medicine Could Help You Truly Enjoy Your Retirement

At least 13 percent of Americans are at or above the age of retirement. These people have worked hard for most of their lives and saved money so that they could enjoy their retirement years with their friends and family. Unfortunately, many of them suffer from debilitating pain that prevents them from performing the activities they enjoy most. Alternative medicine could be their best source of relief.

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you near the age of retirement and beginning to realize that you cannot do the things you have always planned to do when retired? Perhaps you want to hike through Cherokee Park with your family, but joint and spine pain severely limit your movement. The treatments suggested by your local doctors simply aren’t delivering the results you desire. You want to enjoy an active lifestyle now that you are free from work activities, but your body is fighting you every step of the way.

Stem Cell Therapy May Be The Answer

Stem cell therapy is a fast-growing form of alternative medicine and it may be just what you need. A stem cell is a special type of cell that is capable of differentiating into a variety cell types that can help the body heal itself naturally. The stem cells can now be injected into certain areas of the body to eliminate inflammation and heal damaged tissues. They are known to “jump-start” the recovery process that might not occur naturally as we age. Stem cells are particularly useful for alleviating joint and spine pain.

Safe And Non-Surgical

The therapy is entirely safe, simple, and requires no surgery. You receive the injections in the affected areas and then return to your normal lifestyle. Some patients feel the effects of decreased inflammation within 1-2 weeks. The stem cells immediately begin to clear out inflammation and balance the environment where they are injected. They then continue to stimulate your body’s production of new healthy cells, including your own stem cells, to help continue the regenerative process. Within 12 weeks you will begin to feel the full benefits of the therapy, a life with less pain and the ability to move easier.

Don’t Miss Out On Life

There is so much to see and do in Louisville, KY. Whether you want to explore the massive cave systems, see the animals in the zoo, or hike through one of the many beautiful parks; you don’t want your body fighting against you. Stem cell therapy is an alternative medicine that can help you enjoy these wonderful sites with your friends and family.

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