Alternative Uses for Home Cleaning Supplies in Houston, TX

One bottle reads carpet cleaner while another says it’s an all-purpose spray. These cleaning supplies work well for the purposes they are intended, yet many people do not realize there are actually other uses available as well. Home Cleaning Supplies in Houston TX have several alternative uses that can make it easier to get cleaning accomplished.

Carpet Cleaner Acts as Upholstery Cleaner

Carpets are typically cleaned with a carpet cleaner product. This same product can be used on upholstery to get it clean as well. Any fabric material should take well to this type of home cleaning supply. Many will even use the brush component of a carpet cleaner machine to properly soak and clean a couch or chair.

Squeegees for Walls

Squeegees often come in two styles: one for floors and one for windows. While these are the intended surfaces for cleaning, they do not have to be the only ones. Squeegees work well for cleaning the walls as well. It allows the user to get hard-to-reach places on the wall and clean it much faster than with a simple cloth and spray.

Absorbent Pads in the Garage

Absorbent pads are often used around the home to clean up spills, such as leaking water or a chemical spill. These same pads can also be utilized in the garage. They hold up well even with oil, making them an excellent resource when working on vehicles. The pads can simply wipe up an oil spill, or they can be placed under the car to catch any leaking chemical.

Broom the Vents

A broom is often only thought of when sweeping the floors or grabbing spider webs off the walls. It is actually a valid idea to use the broom to clean the air vents. The vents must be cleaned properly at least once a month. It can be sprayed with a cleaning product, but then all of the gunk, grime, and dust is still stuck inside. The bristles of the broom will help to lift all of the debris from the vents so they can be cleaned easier.

Home Cleaning Supplies in Houston TX have many alternative uses. Buy one product and the chances are it will have several items it can clean. Visit the website to see the many supplies and equipment offerings from the facility supply experts at Matera.

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