Always Have Hot Water on Tap With Quality Electric Water Heater Repair in Baltimore MD

Supplying a home with hot water can require a lot of energy, and this is one reason it is important to keep the water heater in good repair. There are two basic types of water heaters. The first uses natural gas for generating the heat and the second uses electrical resistance. Surprisingly, many homes make use of the electric system, and this is one reason that Electric Water Heater Repair Baltimore MD is so very important. Electric units are very efficient and quickly heat the water.

One area where the electric water heater can fail is the very element it uses to heat the water. Most electric tanks use two elements, and they are submerged in the tank. The constant heating of the element and any residue in the water such as lime or calcium can result in damages, usually a broken heating element. A break will prevent heating the water, but experts like those at Farnen Dermer Inc. know that a larger fault could occur.

There is a chance that some electric elements can short circuit. That is, the element can blow out, and a portion of the element makes enough contact with the tank or the other portion of the element so that it attempts to keep heating. Sometimes, this can result in a continuously operating system. When this happens, the water heater remains operating at a lower voltage level until the temperature safety switch shuts off the electricity. This type of failure is more common than people realize and it can be a rather dangerous problem because it results in scalding water at the tap. This happens because the thermostat is no longer controlling the heating element. Thankfully, the experts in Electric Water Heater Repair Baltimore MD can quickly eliminate the fault by replacing the damaged components.

The electric water heater has a number of safety systems, and one of the most important is the pressure relief valve. This valve is designed to open when too much pressure builds up inside the tank. Pressure occurs as the water heats and could be a problem if the unit doesn’t shut off properly. A faulty relief valve could allow the tank to explode, but an operating one should open and let the water exit through a drain pipe. Visit the website to learn more about water heater repair and maintenance.

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