Amenities Available in Rental Apartments in Nairobi

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Online Business

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for rental apartments in Nairobito a single area, one of the most important things to consider are amenities. Buildings will provide a wide array of services, so be sure to check out which ones will benefit you and which ones would be nice to have, but not necessary. Some of the most common things to consider are listed below.


* Intercom
* Doorman
* Attended Lobby

One of the first things to note is what type, if any, security and help is available on-site. Some buildings will provide an intercom to buzz guests in, while others may go the extra mile and have a doorman who will escort people in and assist them. Occasionally, a complex will have an attendant in the lobby who will generally provide more services or hold packages, though the employee usually sits at a desk and doesn’t open doors.

Getting to Your Apartment

* Elevator Buildings
* Walk-ups
* Parking

Those new to the city may be accustomed to having elevators everywhere thy go. This is not the case with NYC’s older buildings. If you’re not up for hiking to your home daily with groceries and other goods, be on the lookout specifically for an elevator building. Additionally, it’s common for New Yorkers to travel by public transit or taxi and many apartments don’t offer any type of parking. If you do own a vehicle, find out if there’s a place for you to leave it and what fees will be charged.

Conveniences and Facilities

* Gym
* Pool
* Childcare
* Roof Access
* Maid Service
* In-Unit Laundry/ In-Building Laundry
* Storage
* Garden access

Buildings may also have a wide array of conveniences and facilities as options. These items are most-commonly found in newer, or post-war buildings, though garden access can be found in some of the older townhomes and brownstones.


* Private garages
* Bowling allies
* Health clubs
* Spas
* Full-service concierge

Some luxury rental apartments in Nairobi are coming up with clever and unique amenities to attract tenants. Occasionally, a well-appointed building will provide hotel or resort-style services as well.

Of course, the more extravagant the building, the higher rent and additional fees will be. It’s wise to think through which services you will actually use, versus which ones sound like they’d be nice to have. Basic buildings may offer nothing in the way of amenities as well, so be sure to clarify in advance whether the one you choose has everything you need. For some people, having laundry facilities on-site is a must. For others, storage or a gym might be more important. Some may also prefer a no-frills place, to ensure their money goes farther. Visit the website for more information.

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