An Overview of Chimney Sweeping Basics

While enjoying an evening fire in the fireplace, many homeowners are unaware of the creosote that is lining the inside of their chimney. They don’t know that this dark-colored residue is extremely flammable. They may not know that the buildup of this combustible substance is a leading cause of house fires. Those homeowners don’t know that this residue could lead to cracks inside the brick, stone, and cement lining of the flue. If homeowners regularly schedule CT chimney cleaning and sweeping, they won’t have to worry about what they know or don’t know. This is because routine inspections and maintenance can prevent this substance from building up and becoming a problem.

Another important reason to regularly schedule CT chimney cleaning and sweeping is to get valuable information about the way that you are burning. For example, did you know that burning moist wood can lead to more soot? This extra soot is also a sign that an increased amount of hazardous gases is being created. This is a situation that is bad for your health and bad for the environment. Expert chimney sweeps can give you information about your specific type of fireplace, how often you should have the chimney cleaned, and whether or not you are using a correct burning pattern.

What does a chimney sweep actually do? Professionals who have been trained in CT chimney cleaning and sweeping are ready to provide the combined services of cleaning and inspecting the area. In many cases, the process will take between just 10 and 30 minutes. This is dependent upon how long it has been since you’ve had the chimney cleaned, how often you use the chimney, and the size of the structure.

Do you want to reduce your home heating costs by using the fireplace? Do you want to operate a carefree fireplace? Turn to CT experts in chimney cleaning and maintenance to achieve your fireplace goals.

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