Appliance Moving Tips From Top Residential Movers In Jackson

by | May 7, 2015 | Moving Services

While many homes are sold with the appliances as part of the purchase, there are just as many homeowners taking appliances with them when they move. When hiring top residential movers in Jackson, it is important to let the in-home estimator know if the appliances are part of the household contents to be moved.

Moving appliances doesn’t have to be difficult if you are using professional residential movers in Jackson. However, as the homeowner, you will need to do a bit of additional prep work to have the appliances ready for moving day.

Refrigerators and Freezers
You can count on residential movers in Jackson to move your refrigerator and freezer in a safe and protected fashion. You will need to plan in advance to prepare both appliances as they cannot simply be unplugged and moved as is. Keep in mind perishable food cannot be transported by the movers and should not be packed in moving boxes.

Start by removing all food items from both appliances. This should be done a few days in advance of the move to allow all water to drain from the units and all parts to be removed and packaged separately. Shelves, bins and drawer should be removed and packed in a box to prevent damage when in transit.

You may also need to disconnect a water line if one is running to your ice machine in the fridge. You will also ensure any water reservoirs are empty, and the entire system is completely dry.

Washers and Dryers
Typically residential movers in Jackson will disconnect a dryer and move it without any concerns. Ideally, try not to use the washing machine for a few days before the move to ensure it has drained and is completely dry. Disconnect the water and power supply or discuss this in advance with the company to ensure they will provide this service.

The washer tub, the internal basket of the machine, will need to be secured to stop it from moving during transport. The instruction manual for your machine should provide information, call the company, or simply go online and download instructions.

The key to using residential movers in Jackson to transport your appliances is in talking in advance to the company to ensure the movers are prepared. Top companies can provide you with information, tips and advice in moving your large appliances safely.

Using top residential movers in Jackson will ensure your appliances are moved safely to your new home. At Armstrong Relocation in Jackson, we have been moving families since 1985 in the city and around the country. To see more about our services go to

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