Appointing the Right Estate Agents: Why It’s Essential For Any Property Deal

Jawitz Properties understands that whether you are buying, selling, or renting a property, the difference between a successful deal and one that leaves a bitter aftertaste will often depend on the type of estate agents you deal with.

Ideally, estate agents should be professional, passionate and committed to serving buyer and seller – or tenant – equally well and providing exceptional service. While many estate agents maintain a high standard of service and ethical responsibility, it’s important to know what your agent is legally obliged to do, and what type of service you should expect as a valued client.

The rules that all reputable estate agents should follow

Like any industry, real estate sales and letting is governed by a regulatory body and specific legislation. The Estate Agency Affairs Act is the main law that outlines what is legal for estate agents to do and what is not – and the Estate Agents Affairs Board, or EAAB, is responsible for investigating cases of misconduct.

Overall, both the Act and the EAAB’s Code of Conduct for estate agents emphasise the responsibility that agents have to behave ethically at all times, to only market and sell properties if the owner has given a clear mandate, and to never partake in any fraudulent or damaging activities.

One of the most important rules that estate agents have to follow in their daily work has to do with commission and handling trust money. Commission on the sale and rental of property should be agreed in advance – in writing – and honoured by the agent, buyer and seller. Where trust money is concerned, especially the handling of rental deposits, estate agents are required to place the funds in a secure investment account immediately and must refund these amounts at the appropriate time.

How to tell if an estate agent is ethical

While it may be impossible to know for sure if anyone you meet for the first time has good intentions, there are certain characteristics of a good estate agent that you should look for at the first meeting. These include:

• A professional attitude, with a focus on efficiency, honesty and transparent dealings
• An agency name that is familiar and has a track record in the industry
• The agent should be registered with the EAAB
• They should also have an estate agent’s certification
• A broad offering of properties in a flexible price range should make up their portfolio
• They should be courteous, respectful and never try to ‘hard sell’ you

This check list will help you to sift through the thousands of agents out there and find a real estate company that displays professional and ethical behaviour at all times. Estate agents who try to bend the rules or treat their customers unethically soon gain a shady reputation – but those who value their customers and cherish the opportunity to serve them will always behave in a professional manner.

For many property buyers and sellers, the sheer number of estate agents in South Africa makes choosing a real estate company quite a daunting task – but there is an easy way to ensure that you receive the best possible service.

Dealing with SA’s premier real estate agents – a simple decision

An estate agency that complies with the law and always acts in the interest of clients can sometimes be hard to find – but if you choose to deal with the best companies, you will have peace of mind and the best client experience when dealing with a high-value transaction like buying or selling a property.

Considering our track record, professional standards, and established reputation as South Africa’s premier real estate company, appointing Jawitz Properties as your preferred estate agency is always going to be the right decision.

With an extensive network of area specialists – all of whom are licensed estate agents and comply fully with the EABB’s regulations – Jawitz Properties is committed to professionalism and ethical practices. Our agents place the needs of clients above all other considerations when structuring a real estate transaction – ensuring positive outcomes and satisfied buyers, sellers and tenants.

As estate agents who value every single customer’s experience when dealing with us, we aim to offer you a positively unique and memorable property experience. If you would like to experience the best service and thorough professionalism that has made us one of South Africa’s most trusted property brands, we invite you to put us to the test – contact Jawitz Properties today.

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