Avoid Serious Mistakes by Hiring Auto Accident Lawyers in Easton

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If one is trying to settle an auto accident claim, or if they’ve hired an attorney and need to know what should be expected during the negotiation process, there are certain pitfalls to be avoided. This article lists some of the most common errors in personal injury and auto accident cases.

Hiring a Lawyer at the Wrong Time

The most critical mistake one can make is to try to handle their own personal injury claim. Generally speaking, it is worthwhile to hire an attorney if the settlement value is expected to exceed $25,000. When is an accident claim worth more? In cases where the other person’s fault is clear, and the victim’s medical bills and lost wages total more than $10,000, it’s a good idea to hire Auto Accident Lawyers Easton.

Not Honestly Assessing the Case

Attorneys are trained to evaluate cases objectively, and they know how to see flaws as well as strengths. If one decides to handle his or her own case, they should learn to be objective. It pays to find a case’s weaknesses, such as fault and documentation of injuries-;and to try to figure out how those weak spots can affect the case’s settlement value.

Not Understanding the Negotiation Process

During auto accident negotiations, victims often fail to understand that claims don’t have a set value. Rather, there’s a range of values to consider. It’s better for an attorney to refer to a value range than to have an exact figurebecause no two claims are alike.

Being Overeager, Not Planning Ahead, and Tipping One’s Hand

Unless one has sales experience, the insurance company’s adjuster is likely to have handled more negotiations. Because of this, the adjuster will likely capitalize on the victim’s experience by not committing to anything over the phone. It doesn’t make sense to argue the case’s merits with the insurance adjuster because they won’t listen. In such situations, the victim should go over the offer with The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel PC.

Auto accident cases are often complex, and they’re beyond the reach of many victims. If one is negotiating a settlement and bargaining has come to a stop, they should call Auto Accident Lawyers Easton to learn about their options and their legal rights.


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