Boarding A Ferry

When you’re traveling from one area to another and you have to go over a body of water, you might need to take a ferry. This is a method that can transport people and cars so that you don’t have to be separated from your vehicle while reaching your destination. If you’ve never been on a ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, there are a few tips that can make the trip a bit more comfortable. Before getting on just any ferry, you need to read the schedule and make sure it has the correct time for when you want to travel.

If there are several ferries that depart from one area, then they could go to different locations that you don’t want to visit. There are many that depart every 30 minutes to every hour, but some of them will maintain a rotating schedule every other day. If you have a vehicle that you’re traveling with, you need to ensure that the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island can transport people and vehicles and that there is enough space.

A reservation usually needs to be made in this situation so that you can ensure a spot on the ferry instead of waiting for another one to come along or postponing the day you travel. When you’re on the ferry, you’ll be greeted by workers who will direct you as to where you should go so that other passengers can continue boarding. Avoid cutting the line as this could result in receiving a ticket. Passengers with cars are usually loaded last as pedestrians and cyclists are boarded first since it’s easier for them to get off the ferry. Depending on how long you’re going to be on the ferry, you should have a drink or snack with you. You can also take pictures of the area as a way to pass the time or talk to some of the people close to you in line.

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