Bringing the Big Screen Home with Projectors

Is there anything better for a child’s sleepover or a relaxing night in than a movie at home? While the answer may be no, it can be hard to crowd an entire family or group around a single, small screen. Large television screens are one solution, but they aren’t feasible for every family. The solution that fits nearly every home? The projector.

How do Projectors Work?

Home theater projectors are a little like the old-fashioned stationary projectors many of us encountered in school. Like these, home movie projectors take a small image and magnify it, projecting the resulting picture onto any large, smooth surface, such as a wall or flat curtain. This creates the feel of a large media screen without the need for stationary technology.

The best part about today’s projectors is not how they compare to the mechanical pieces of old, but how they differ. Now entirely digital, media projection is as easy as inputting a source – like a DVD, Blu-ray disc or USB drive – and hitting the play button. The projector handles the rest. These devices are available through many home theater providers.

Projection Perks

There are a variety of reasons a family might choose a home theater projector over a traditional television screen. Some of these include:

  • Portability. A projector can be moved from one location to another easily, and does not require formal installation to be used.
  • Adjustability. The picture provided by a projector can be adjusted in size, making it perfect for nearly any setting.
  • Durability. The machinery involved in projection has few loose or outwardly moving parts, and the “screen” cannot be damaged. For this reason, projectors are ideal for use with child spectators and large groups.

These are all advantages that traditional television screens cannot provide, regardless of size. They are also just some of the many reasons why parents, caregivers and hosts elect to purchase projectors for their home movies, and enjoy the personalized entertainment experience that they provide.

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