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A tow truck is a vehicle that is used to move improperly parked, disabled or damaged vehicles. A tow truck can move multiple vehicles at a time. Towing is considered as one of the toughest tasks to do, both for the driver as well as for the vehicle. If you are in search of a truck for towing, then you can find the expert truck towing in New Jersey.

What is towing capacity?
Towing capacity of a truck is the maximum weight that can be pulled by a towing truck.

Different Types of Towing Trucks
Truck towing in New Jersey can be classified into three categories. They are the flatbed, the hook and chain and the wheel lift.
1. Flatbed: Flatbed trucks are also known as Roll-back trucks. It is mainly because they have a hydraulic system that rolls the bed back at a specified angle for the vehicle to easily be pulled onto the bed. Once the vehicle is loaded, hydraulics lowers the bed to the resting position. Flatbed is the best and safest towing method among the 3 types of towing trucks.

2. Hook & Chain type: In the hook & chain type, the axis of the frame is connected at the back. In this method of truck towing in New Jersey, the chances of causing damage to the vehicle are increased.

3. Wheel lift: In the wheel lift, a metal yoke is used to drag vehicles from behind. The wheel lift vehicle comes to a position that is near to the vehicle and then uses hydraulics to lift the vehicle. Most people prefer this method as it causes very less damage to your vehicle. In wheel lift, they use a metal yoke to remove the vehicle.

If you are located in New Jersey or surrounding areas, for truck towing, always look out to find authorized and experts in truck towing at New Jersey. For safe and hassle free towing get in touch with B & L Recovery and Towing.

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