Choose The Right Driving Instructor For Your Driving

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Driving school

Are you eager to start driving and lead an independent lifestyle? If so, start by taking the appropriate steps to finding a driving instructor in your area who can teach you in the best way possible. The school you learn to drive at should be licensed and the instructor should have undergone a great deal of training in order to help you pass your test and fill those all-important logbook hours! From searching on the web to asking friends and family for referrals, there are various ways in which you can begin the hunt. Before you book lessons, look for the following things in a driving instructor.

Is the Instructor RMS Accredited?

This form of accreditation is absolutely essential for a driving instructor in Australia to teach people how to drive because without it, they won’t have undergone training and courses to do their job in a professional manner. Look for a badge when you meet with a driving instructor, as this will show whether or not the instructor is qualified to teach the basics of driving, from reversing around a corner to driving on a highway.

Independent Instructors or Driving Schools?

It can be tough to decide between learning with an instructor who offers services independently and a driving school that employs licensed instructors. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the instructor, but don’t let this be the only deciding factor. Instructors who work for themselves will be responsible for obtaining their own accreditation and licensing, whereas instructors who work for schools will be part of a bigger business, and so will be required to adhere to strict driving lesson quality standards. For this reason, it is probably best to work with a driving school.

The Costs and Materials

A trusted driving instructor will recommend that you have at least 100 hours noted down in your logbook before you sit your test. The cost of this will vary depending on who you work with but typically, the fee will include a full-hour of tuition or in some cases, two hours. Ask if you can try out a lesson free of charge first, so that you can see how comfortable you feel with the instructor. Ideally, discounts will be offered if you book a lot of lessons in advance and study aids will be provided, such as workbooks and DVDs.


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