Choosing Retractable Deck Awnings: Three Points to Consider

Anyone fortunate enough to have a deck knows how much fun it can be to entertain outdoors and enjoy relaxing there at the end of a long day. However, in the summer’s hottest months, a deck is often the last place you want to be if it’s left uncovered. And hosting an outdoor party is no easy feat on a day when showers are forecast and your deck is exposed to the elements.

It’s no wonder, then, that retractable deck awnings are so popular. If your deck is currently uncovered and going unused as a result, a retractable awning may be just the answer. Not only do these awnings provide protection, the fact that they retract allows the homeowner to protect them from severe weather.

If you know it’s time to start researching retractable deck awnings, here are three points to consider:

How much of your deck will this awning cover? Any unprotected area is essentially wasted space – meanwhile, the area under your awning will be that much more crowded as your guests huddle in the shade or avoid the rain. Be sure that your awning provides as much coverage as possible by having your deck’s dimensions handy while doing research.

Yes, retractable deck awnings can mean a greater upfront cost – but they pay off over time in terms of lowered energy bills, the protection they provide to patio furniture, and the fact that once retracted they’re protected from harsh weather. Keep this in mind when pricing your options – don’t go with the cheapest version simply to save money in the moment. Remember: You get what you pay for.

Retractable awnings are generally made from either canvas, or another natural woven material, or vinyl. Canvas is thickly woven and very durable – hence its use in sails – but if exposed to too much moisture, it can develop certain molds. Acrylic is another durable choice. Polyester and vinyl are less resistant to fading and mold development. Keep this in mind when choosing your fabric, and be sure to find out whether the awning’s fabric has been treated with a sealant as this will add extra durability.

Retractable deck awnings are the perfect way to get the most out of your outdoor living space. A little research into your options, with the above three points in mind, will make it possible for you to find the perfect solution that leaves you loving your deck regardless of the weather.

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