Choosing Wallpaper for Your Honolulu Home

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Wallpaper Store

As you decorate your home in Hawaii or any other part of the country, you should be selective in your pattern and decisions. While painting allows you to give a custom look to your home, wallpaper is able to deliver consistency when incorporating a pattern or specific motif. With a little work and dedication, wallpaper can be a beautiful way to transform the theme of your home.

Your Home’s Theme

The first part of choosing wallpaper for your home is determining the theme you want. Individuals who have contemporary or modern taste often gravitate towards neutral and simple primary colors. However, if you want a more fun and playful look, you may prefer a pattern with more color. Wallpaper is available with just about every pattern and color you can imagine, making it easy to match your preferred color scheme in any room of the house.

Reasons to Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper gives you consistency where paint cannot. Whether you want stripes or fun polka dots, using wallpaper is your best chance at achieving a balanced look. Wallpaper is also durable and easy to clean, making it a great addition to homes with children or pets. Though it is best applied to a flat surface, the patterns along each roll of wallpaper create depth and texture in the absence of it.


Though wallpapering can be a daunting task for the decorating novice, applying it is fairly simple. The process goes smoothest with two or more people to line up with the natural corners and baseboards in the room. Wallpaper is available with adhesive already applied or separately, so choose the best gluing option for your project. Apply the wallpaper to a smooth surface to maintain the seamless look. As you lay it down, smooth out the wallpaper to avoid any air pockets or bumps on the wall. When you’re done, you only need to allow the glue to set for a small amount of time. Since the wallpaper itself is not wet and creates no fumes, you can arrange your furniture exactly how you want as the glue dries without the risk of getting anything on your belongings.

The Right Look

Wallpaper is capable of transforming the look of a room with the full coverage that paint may not provide. Many companies offer high quality designs, especially Thibaut wallpaper from Honolulu. Browse through the many patterns available through local home décor stores or online until you find the right color to incorporate into your house’s motif. offers a variety of wallpaper options for any room in the house.

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