Cleaning Glass Shower Doors in Indianapolis IN

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors in Indianapolis IN

When someone has glass shower doors in Indianapolis IN installed in their bathroom, they will want to take the necessary steps in keeping them clean. A water and soap build up can quickly become a problem on the interior of these doors if they are not cleaned regularly. Here are some steps one can take to keep their shower doors looking like new.

It is important to clean the interiors of glass shower doors after each shower is taken. This will ensure watermarks do not become present. To make sure this is done, keeping the appropriate cleaning materials in the shower can be beneficial. These can be placed in a hanging basket so the person taking a shower will remember to do the routine cleaning session after they had bathed.

A non-abrasive cleanser will remove any soap and water from the door. First, the door should be opened to let out steam. The person can wrap a towel around themselves and then immediately spray down the interior of the glass door with the spray. They can then use a squeegee to remove the cleaner from the glass. This should be done while holding a washcloth under the squeegee to help collect extra moisture and cleaner before it drips to the floor.

Every few weeks, spray a half vinegar/half water solution on the door. Again, use the squeegee to whisk the solution away from the glass. This will cut through caked on soap, leaving the glass is a clear state. This solution can be used on both sides of the door for a completely clean appearance. Once or twice a year the glass should be waxed with car wax. This will fill in any porous portions of the glass, leaving it with a slick surface as a result.

If someone wants more information about how to properly care for Glass Shower Doors in Indianapolis IN, they can call a shower door dealer in their area. Contact us if new doors are needed to be installed. A quotation can be given for new doors and an appointment can be made to have them installed if desired.

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