Cleaning Leather and Upholstery – Tips and Tricks

There is nothing more beautiful and sophisticated than leather upholstery. But, no matter how good the fabric is, you need to take care of it and clean it regularly. That’s the thing about leather – as beautiful as it is, it’s tricky to clean. A few legitimate questions arise: What’s the best way to clean it? If you want to hire a professional, how do you look for one? What is the best Oak Brook leather and upholstery cleaning company?

Cleaning Leather and Upholstery

It’s common knowledge that upholstery needs to be thoroughly clean every six months or so. Still, you can’t treat it like you would an ordinary piece of furniture. It requires special care. Luckily, you can do this yourself. All you need is a bit of water and facial soap. It’s best to use distilled water (regular tap water contains chemical contaminants such as chlorine, which can damage the leather) and mild facial soap. You can prepare the mixture yourself – just make sure to wash and rinse with a soft cloth.

Tips and Tricks

The best way to make sure your leather upholstery stays intact is prevention. Use a leather protectant – you can get it at any furniture store. However, don’t confuse protectants with oils and furniture polish. These products typically contain silicone and waxes, and these compounds can damage the leather. In general, make sure to use mild products and cleaners and avoid the ones that are ammonia-based. Unless you pick the right product, you’ll cause discoloration or serious damage.

Oak Brook Leather & Upholstery Cleaning

If you want to protect and clean your leather and upholstery, but you want to make sure you don’t damage it, hiring a trained professional might be a good idea. Your local Oak Brook leather and upholstery cleaning companies have come a long way, and there are a few companies in the area that specialize in this type of work. Still, as always, it’s always best to look for reviews and user experiences online, before reaching for the wallet – who wants to waste their hard-earned money? Sacrifice a few minutes of your time to find the best deal possible.

Fine Décor Revival is a company that provides high-quality leather and upholstery cleaning and restoration services for residential and commercial spaces alike. They clean homes, offices, and vehicles and specialize in reviving furnishing and use renowned restorative and cleaning methods.

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