Common Issues with Hydraulic Motors Repair in Chicago, IL

Common Issues with Hydraulic Motors Repair in Chicago, IL

A work horse in the manufacturing and industrial industry is a hydraulic motor. There are a wide range of products and services that are provided with machines that are powered by hydraulic motors. While these motors are built to be long-lasting and reliable, this equipment isn’t without risks of breakdowns, especially in a motor that has been used significantly over the years. That’s why Hydraulic Motors Repair in Chicago may be necessary when hydraulic motor issues crop up.

Case Drain Filter Issues

One of the most common issue with a hydraulic motor is with the case drain filter. When a case drain filter gets clogged, it allows pressure to build up in the motor. The reason for this pressure is due to an inability of the hydraulic fluid to move freely through the case drain line. The best thing to do to prevent this common hydraulic motor failure is the make sure the filter is either cleaned or changed, whatever the manufacture of the hydraulic motor recommends.

Gear Oil

Many hydraulic motors use gear oil to make sure that the moving parts of the motor move smoothly without creating any undue friction. However, some motors my require the gear oil to be monitored for levels and purity. Should the levels get too low, depending on the motor, it may be recommended to either cap off the oil level or flush old oil and replace it.

Leaky Motors

Leaks are also one of the most common issues with hydraulic motors, and these can be avoided by checking for leaks periodically. Big or small leaks may require replacing hydraulic lines and fittings. However, for some closed drive systems, certain internal seals cannot be replaced. In these systems, the motor or drive may need to be replaced rather than repaired.

For any repair issues or service requirements, it is good to work with a company like Miller Hydraulic Service Inc. Whether your equipment requires Hydraulic Motors Repair in Chicago, or perhaps your motor is beyond repairing and simply needs to be replaced, a repair service can provide any of the equipment or services that are needed. With how much business relies on hydraulic powered equipment or machinery, making sure these items are looked after properly is great for saving your company money and improving business production.

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