Consider Saving Energy Costs With A Solar Power System In Hawaii

Solar and wind power are two energy systems that are gaining popularity all over the United States. Solar power is especially popular in Hawaii because of the abundance of free sunshine. A good solar system can include both solar panels and solar water heating equipment. A Solar Power System in Hawaii is possible for many more citizens as the costs continue to go down. Then, homeowners installing solar systems can get state and federal tax credits.

What Is Solar Power?

Solar power is the sunlight homeowners see every day and are harvested by solar panels and solar water heaters. The design of a Solar Power System in Hawaii is a very important factor in its success. Proper installation is another very important factor. The final consideration is the number of solar panels or the size of the solar hot water system. Companies such as The Sonshine Solar Corp. have many years of experience building, selling, and installing solar power systems. An electric photovoltaic system can be a very cost effective way to get electricity and hot water.

Solar Hot Water

There are two possible solar systems that can be used separately or together. One consists of photovoltaic solar panels to collect the sunshine and turn it into electric power. The other system is a solar water heater that uses solar power to heat and store water for the home’s use. Solar water heating systems rely on high-quality equipment in addition to copper pipes and fittings. Some fittings will be brass. All components must be corrosion resistant and durable.

Hot Water And Solar Power

The ideal solar system includes both systems properly installed and integrated to provide a family with all the electricity and hot water they need at a reasonable cost. Many of these solar systems make enough extra electricity to sell back to local power companies. When this happens the homeowner cuts their electric costs and may even make a small income from their system. Many states and the federal government give tax credits to people who install qualifying solar power systems. Visit the website for additional information on solar power. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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