Considering Different Options for Privacy Fences in St. Paul

After installing a pool in the backyard, the homeowner realizes that it would be nice to also have more privacy in the space. That means talking to a contractor about different options for privacy fences in St. Paul. Here are some points that need to be addressed before the construction gets underway.

The Fence Style

There are many designs and styles for Privacy Fences in St Paul. In order to ensure the fence looks great, go with a style that fits in with the general design of the house. A contractor can provide some suggestions based on the home design, the type of materials used for the exterior walls, and the amount of privacy desired.

The Materials Used

A privacy fence can be constructed using different materials. Treated wood remains a favorite, since it will go with just about any home design. Along with wood, consider the possibility of using vinyl fencing for the project. The vinyl will be easy to maintain and will never need painting. For owners who have vinyl or aluminium siding on their homes, using the same materials for the fencing will make the fence look as if it was part of the original design.

Choosing a Color

A wooden privacy fence can be painted or stained to whatever shade the client wants. With vinyl fencing, opt for a color that will look nice even if the homeowner decides to change the color used for the trim. Consider going with a neutral color that is not likely to fall out of style in the next few years.

The Height of the Fence

How high must the fence be in order to provide an adequate amount of privacy? This will depend on how tall the surrounding structures happen to be and what type of restrictions are found in the local codes and standards. For many homeowners, a fence that is no taller than seven or eight feet will provide all the privacy needed.

Homeowners who are ready to install privacy fences should call a contractor today. In no time at all, the specifics will be settled and the construction of the fence can get underway.

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